Four Emperors and an Architect

“This book will tell you all about Diocletian and his palace and about Robert Adam and his astonishing achievement. But it will tell you far more: about the Balkans, about the three other Tetrarchs and about Adam’s subsequent career … Alicia Salter has done a superb job.”
John Julius Norwich

“Alicia Salter’s book on Robert Adam’s formative contribution to archaeological reconstruction and the uses of the Roman past in the buildings of eighteenth-century Britain is beautifully laid out, exemplary in its clarity and will illuminate historians and the general reader alike.”
Jonathan Foyle, Chief Executive,
World Monument Fund, Britain

“A mine of information, insight and analysis, beautifully illustrated. Alicia Salter’s fine book offers that rarest of combinations: authority and readability.”
Stephen Deuchar
Director of the Art Fund