Review in Country Life magazine, July 2013
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Cuntry Life review of Four Emperors and an Architect













Review on, May 2013:

When Alicia Salter, an architectural historian, visited Split in Croatia she was overwhelmed by the splendour that still remains of Diocletian’s palace on the waterfront, and thereupon she spent years researching and writing this book.

So, we visit what remains of the palace as well as other palaces, triumphal arches and temples, travelling from Bulgaria to Egypt to Germany to Britain, and get to know the emperors, their relationships and how they ruled. By then trade and riches came from the east, new cities were rising, and Rome had dwindled. Finally, along comes Constantine the Great, and Christianity triumphs.

We also meet Robert Adam the 18th century architect, who was hugely influenced by the palace at Split. Alicia Salter makes a complex subject very readable, and the text is accompanied by excellent illustrations. I always knew exactly what she was talking about…

An invaluable book for anyone going to Split, by air or cruise liner.